Become a Feedback Sage

Feedback Sages are English experts who provide feedback to Prompt's clients. We call our staff Sages instead of editors because we're not just an editing service. As a Sage, you will be expected to help our clients revise their documents' content, structure, grammar, and flow. Of course, Prompt is not a paper writing service. Our Sages share a commitment to academic integrity.

At a Glance

18% Acceptance Rate

Our Sages are the cream of the crop.

Earn $20-28/hour

You'll be paid a per-document rate.

Thousands of Papers

You'll have plenty to do.

Ready to Apply?

If you think you have what it takes, please fill out the form below. If we think you're a strong candidate, we'll get back to you with next steps the next time we're ready to bring on new Sages.




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