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Essays are the new test prep

Students use their grades and test scores to select where they apply. That means every college has a pool of applicants with similar grades and test scores.

of students purchase test prep tutoring
of students work with a paid college advisor or essay coach
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Colleges use essays as the most important criteria to differentiate students.

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Sign up now and we guarantee you'll finish all of your essays by mid-September so you can focus on academics and activities during senior year.

Feb - Apr
Students sign up with Prompt and start with a strategy session to figure out what they can still do to improve their experiences for their essays.
Jun - Jul
Students complete their personal statement (e.g., Common App Essay).
Jul - Sep
Students write their supplements for their top-3 choice schools.
Finish by mid-September.
Sep - Dec
Students work on supplements for other colleges.

You should start now

The earlier students start the essay process, the more compelling their essays will be and the less stressed they (and their parents) will be.

We guarantee you will finish your essays for your top 3 colleges by mid-September.

Prompt is for every college applicant

We connect students with top writing coaches for strategy calls and detailed essay feedback.

Students who work with a parent or teacher

  • Feedback tends to be biased from past knowledge of the student
  • Get 10-15 minutes of someone's time that usually focuses on sentence-level writing and grammar
  • Less understanding of what colleges are looking for and what makes a compelling essay for each student

Students who work with Prompt

  • Get objective feedback, similar to an admissions reader
  • Prompt spends 45 minutes on each draft, helping students improve their content, structure, and clarity
  • Benefit from our experience reviewing over 45,000 admissions essays. We know how to guide each student to write the most compelling essays they can

Essay help for any situation

High Achievers
Students applying to highly competitive universities (Ivy and Ivy-equivalent) face tough competition. Compelling essays will help you distinguish yourself.
Feeling Overwhelmed
Have a lot of essays to write? We’ll help you figure out what to write about, and we’ll help you finish all your essays early. You’ll submit on time and with confidence in your essays.
Family Feuding
Essays can lead to tension for families. We’ll make sure you get the right guidance at the right time.
Common App 101
If you just want help with your main personal statement (i.e., the Common App Essay), we’ll provide expert guidance to develop and polish your essay for college admissions and scholarships.

Prompt is the #1 provider of essay guidance

Prompt connects students with a team of professional playwrights, authors, journalists, and educators who are only available through our network.

Our Coaches provide detailed coaching and feedback to help students write compelling essays in less time.

Prompt's Writing Coaches provide...

  • Video coaching calls to strategize and brainstorm
  • Detailed feedback on outlines and drafts to improve content, structure, clarity, and grammar
  • Pro-active support and tracking from real people to make sure students write compelling essays in time

We will help you...

  • Figure out what to write about
  • Save time and stress
  • Write stronger essays
  • Finish your essays earlier and with confidence

Meet some Writing Coaches

Miranda K.
Nicole A.
Reina H.
Reina H.
I'm a playwright, editor, and writing teacher with a focus on arts education. I got my MFA at UT Austin as a Michener Fellow, a program for young writers that accepts less than one percent of applicants.
Bex E.
Bex E.
Since 2016, I have worked as a high school English tutor, theatre educator, and freelance journalist. I graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern University's theatre and creative writing programs.
Gabe H.

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